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PR - 1696


PET Sheets



Product Details

The most convenient way to package a range of applications - from consumer products to pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, engineering items. These PET sheets are sturdier and are stronger than PVC / HIPS and help to protect the inner products from transit damages

Advantages of PET Sheets
- Impact strength: Rigid thermoformable grade, stronger than PVC / HIPS
- Food Grade: Best suited for packing food items, pharmaceuticals and drinking water.
- Barrier and radiation resistant: Better moisture and gas barrier, resistant to acid / alkali and Gama radiation.
- No pre-heating: Reduced energy costs compared to competitors during thermoforming.
- Environmentally safe: Completely combustible with no toxic gases.
- U. V. Protection: Protects package contents from ultraviolet light.
- Gloss and clarity: Exhibits better gloss and clarity compared to other materials.

Application Areas
- Consumer products: Blister packaging for tooth brushes, shaving blades / brushes, dry cells, torches, combs, writing instruments, stationery items, cosmetic items, cutlery, gas lighters, toys, window patching, transparent folding boxes, etc.
- Pharmaceuticals: Blister packaging for tablets, capsules, vials, ampoules, syringes, I. V. injections, etc.
- Food / Beverages: Ice cream cups, bakery and confectionery trays, mineral water cups, dairy products, pickle containers, strawberry punnets, candy cubes, honey blisters etc.
- Engineering items: Blister packaging for cutting tools, knives, pliers, scissors, spanners, automobile parts, grinding tools, gaskets, tubes, etc.

Product Range
- Antistatic Grade
- PET / PE

- Thickness - 0.15 mm to 2.00 mm
- Width - 1300 mm (max)
- Shape - Roll form / Cut sheets
- Colour - Tinted Opaque, and Metallized Sheets.

- Sky light
- Covered walkways
- Wall cladding
- Gas station
- Portable homes and offices
- Telephone booths
- Horticulture green
- House roofing
- Balconies
- Sound proof walls

- Machine guards
- Bus stop shelters
- Instructional front
- Factory over
- Telephone kiosks
- Heavy machinery window
- Bicycle helmet
- Garage roofing