For Sale - PR - 1968 - PET Shrink Sleeves and Labels


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PR - 1968


PET Shrink Sleeves and Labels



Product Details

PET Shrink Sleeves:
We supply various types of PET shrink sleeves such as busbar sleeves, battery grade sleeves, 3 side straight seal bags, U sealed bags, 2 side open sleeves and performed sleeves. This type of various sleeves are used to pack individual object or as a group products. They are printed by us in ten attractive colors.

PET Shrink Labels:
Our pre-cut PET shrink labels come in an individual piece form and are placed on the objects manually. This process is an economical way when output is not very high. By using sophisticated machines, we can print these PET shrink labels in ten suave colors to deliver the objects an exclusive appeal.