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PR - 1661


Plastic Fibre Composite Pipe System

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The fusiotherm®-pipe system made by Aquatherm has proved its technical suitability in worldwide applications for 25 years and is highly recognized by experts as one of the most extensive and at the same time best plastic pipe system.

Our range contains five different types of pipe - from cold water pipes to patented fibre-composite pipes with outside diameter from 16 mm to 125 mm. In addition there are over 350 joining and connection elements, referred to as fittings.

The Fusiotherm®-pipe system consists of:
- Pipes in straight lengths and/or coils
- Fittings
- Flanged joints
- Water point connections and accessories
- Transition joints from PP-R (80) to metal or from metal to PP-R (80)
- Weld in saddles
- Distributors
- Shut-off devices
- Welding devices and machines
- Cutting and peeling tools
- Installation guide and fastenings

This wide range of pipes and fittings give ideal and adequate solutions for all fields of application.

It also impresses due to its simple and effective connection technology:
The result of the fusion of pipe and fitting is an inseparable material joining of the system components.

Fusiotherm® is manufactured from polypropylene PP-R (80), a non-polluting and future-orientated material.

Since 2001 a special award entitles aquatherm to mark its fusiotherm® product with the brand "Product approved by Greenpeace".


- House installation: With its fusiotherm-pipe system aquatherm offers you one of the highest quality and highly sophisticated pipe systems for the field of sanitary and domestic technique.

The advantages in the field of domestic installation are obviously in the areas of hygiene, comfort, physiological immunity and flexibility.

A further plus is the compatibility to our various products like aquatherm-SHT and aquatherm-heating systems, which ensures best solutions for your buildings single-source.

Fusiotherm® - a pipe system which has many applications because of its special characteristics and its versatility.

Potable water pipe networks
- For cold and warm water installations i.e. in residential buildings, hospitals, hotels, office and school buildings, shipbuilding, sports facilities etc.
- House connection
- Boiler connection
- Water distribution
- Riser
- High rise (conventional or specially connected)
- Water point connection

Heating pipes for residential houses
- Heat generator connections
- Heating distributors
- Risers
- High rise
- Distributor connections
- Radiator connections

- Shipbuilding: After its big success ashore, fusiotherm® increasingly manages to get hold of the sanitary sector in international shipbuilding. Beside of its corrosion resistance and easy processing - also at sea - the vibration stable PP-R pipe system convinces through its safe connection technique. In case of fire, PP-R (80) does not show an increased brand gas toxicity. There is no risk of the development of dioxin, which is especially important with liners. Numerous registrations, certificates and test results confirm: fusiotherm® - the optimum system for the shipbuilding!

- Fusiotherm® has less weight than metal pipes
- Galvanized iron pipe - 48, 3 mm - 3,610 kg/m
- Copper pipe - 42 - 1,700 Kg/m
- Fusiotherm®-Faser-Composite-Pipe - 63 mm - 0,901 Kg/m
- Corrosion resistant to aggressive media and sea water with low ph-value.
- Fusiotherm®-T-piece section - Corroding metal pipe
- Simple and rapid processing as well as easy carrying out of repair work, even at sea.
- The system is salt water resistant.
- Fusioning the pipe and fitting the plastic melts to a stable homogeneous unit.
- Fusiotherm®-connections can be pressurized or put into operation immediately after fusioning. All that is required is a waiting time of 10 minutes. This also applies for repair works or additionally installed branches.
- More than 350 connection elements provide a solution for practically any situation which might occur in the field of supply technology. The system offers detachable connections in form of union pieces, couplings and flanges.
- Compared to wood, cork, wool or other natural materials the fusiotherm®-System made from fusiolen® PP-R (80) has no increased toxicity. No danger of dioxin-output in case of burning.
- Low loss of heat of warm water pipes as well as high pressure- and heat stability.
- Fusiotherm®-Faser-Composites-Pipes with integrated faser layer can be installed - like copper and steel pipes - absolutely dimensionally stable. The linear expansion is almost identical with that of metal pipes.
- Fusiotherm® is convincing by reduced noise flow rate in comparison with metallic pipe systems.
- The fused joint is chargeable direct after the cooling period.
- Favorable price.

- Lawn Heating: The suitability of the fusiotherm®-pipe system for under soil pitch heating systems is confirmed by the national authorized institute for plastic and environmental technique as well as by the producer of the raw material.

The exceptional high self-insulating value of the fusiotherm-composite pipes used by aquatherm as distribution-pipes has been determined by the Research Institute for Heat Technique (FIW). The fusiotherm®-pipes and fittings for the manifold connection pipes can be pre-insulated acc. to EnEV, corresponding to the values determined by the FIW, with an additional PUR-insulation in the PE-corrugated pipe.

The worldwide recognized quality standard of our systems is guaranteed by the DIN-ISO 9001 certified aquatherm-QS-system.

Aquatherm is well known as supplier of undersoil system in the German Football league (DFB) and listed at the Union des associations Europeans de football (UEFA).

All components not produced by aquatherm, like heat exchanger, pressure extension tanks; pumps, mixer, stop-valves and control valves are well-adjusted to our system and also to high quality products of well-known producers. In conjunction with our undersoil heating system and the requirements arising from it, the compatibility of the compounds is certified by all producers.

Aquatherm is a member of the Sponsoring Group of Landscape and Playing field Research Giessen e.V.

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