For Sale - PR - 1873 - Plastic Jumbo Crates


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PR - 1873


Plastic Jumbo Crates


North India

Product Details

We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as the only manufacturers of extra large capacity, 700 ltrs plastic crates, in India. These crates are manufactured from HDPE material whose size is 1200 x 1000 x 780 mm being made from a superior and advanced polymers, the strength is greatly enhanced making them durable and stackable up to 9 high with a stack load of 3 tons. Its smart design makes optimum use of available cubic space. They are also available with or without 4 legs and 4 wheels. The crates with wheels facilitate easy movement of loaded goods from one place to another which saves time and energy.

These Jumbo Bins are manufactured on the largest injection moulding machine of 3800 T in India, from advanced polymers to help in effective utilization of your storage space. Having a shot capacity of 42 kgs for PP / PE and 54 kgs for PS enabling the production of large and heavy products which not possible earlier.

We manufacture Small Crates manufactured from HDPE material whose size is O.D. : 542 x 360 x 303 mm [L x B x H), I.D.: 510mm x 328mm x 283mm.( All dimensions in tolerance are +/-1%), available in 2 types i.e. total perforated and solid base crate, weight of perforated crate being 1.620 kgs and solid 1.700 kgs.

They are ideal for storage and transportation of fruits, vegetables, agricultural produce, marine products, engineering products and much more. Being of plastic material, they are easily cleaned therefore hygienic for storage and transportation.

We also manufacture pallets, made of injection molding process, size of our HDPE pallets is 1000 x 1200 x 160 mm., Static load Capacity : 5 M.T. and dynamic load capacity: 2 M.T and weight is 16.500 kgs approximately.

Capacity: 650 liters +
O.D.: 1000 x 1200 x 780 mm (760+20)
I.D.: 911 x 1121 x 641 mm
Weight: 35.550 kgs +/-3%
Weight with six legs: 38.970 kgs +/-3%
Load Capacity Static: 3000 kgs
Dynamic: 1000 kgs.
Material: HDPE + Additives