For Sale - PR - 1693 - Plastic Pails and Containers


Reference Number

PR - 1693


Plastic Pails and Containers



Product Details

Our plastic pails are thin walled injection moulded having, robust design, easy handling and excellent printing. Moreover, they are very convenient and have a high resale value.

- Tight fitting lid, leak proof sealing
- Excellent stacking strength
- Tamper evident locking
- Nestable
- Gurgle free, controlled flow dispensing spout
- Available in attractive shapes
- Varied range of sizes
- Customized Multicolour printing
- Corrosion free, rust free and no contamination
- Different colour options
- High resale value

Application Areas
- Inks
- Grease
- Paints and distempers
- Detergents
- Chemicals
- Food and food products
- Edible oils
- Lube oils