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PR - 1664


Plastic Pipe Systems for Industrial Applications

Product Details

Climatherm, pipe system includes all pipe installation components for chilled, hot fluid and various industrial applications.

System components: The climatherm-pipe system has to be installed in combination with our fusiotherm®-fittings and consists of:
- Pipes in length and/or coils
- Fittings
- Socket welded type nipples for flange connections
- Armature connections and accessories
- Transition pieces from PP-R (80) to metal resp. metal to PP-R (80)
- Weld-in saddles
- Distributors
- Shut-off devices
- Welding devices, welding tools
- Cutters
- Auxiliaries and mountings

Advantages: The advantages of climatherm and the material fusiolen® PP-R (80) C in detail:
- Absolutely corrosion resistant
- Resistance against chemicals
- High environmental compatibility
- High impact rate
- Less pipe roughness
- Heat and sound insulating characteristics
- Very good welding properties
- High heat-stabilized
- Noticeable less insulation - recommended are
- 10 mm of insulation for all pipe dimensions

The coefficient of linear expansion is nearly identical with the one of metal pipes. Compared with solid plastic pipes, support intervals can be increased and pipe clamps can be saved.

Further advantages of the faser composite pipe are:
- Favorable priced
- Light weight
- Simply cut and weld!

- Climatherm stops corrosion damages.
- Air conditioning systems installed with metal pipes are affected by corrosion at the outer and inner surface of the pipes. Climatherm is manufactured from 100 % corrosion resistant materials which increases the life-time of chilled water plants considerably.

- Climatherm reduced noise of flow in comparison with metal pipes.

- Climatherm offers an unequalled connection technique: Material joining by fusion.
- Climatherm convinces by shortest connection times: e.g. outside diameter 20 mm =8 sec.
- Climatherm-connections can be pressurized and put into operation immediately after joining.
- There are no waiting times.

Composite technology:
- Aquatherm developed a manufacturing method, where the integration of a special faser mixture within the material polypropylene is realized.
- The result of this innovative technology is the unique compound of the different materials.

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