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PR - 3019


Paint Packaging



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Paint Packaging:-
We are India’s leading packaging specialist for paints.
Our outstandingly wide range includes numerous sizes in all shapes. Mold-Tek’s containers are stackable, rest securely on the pallet and can be used in a shaker.

Be it classic oval, rectangular or square in shape:
The broad front of our paint buckets provides the perfect advertising space.
Our decoration processes such as In Mold Labeling will improve your brand recall value and have a positive effect on sales.
These pails are provided with tamper proof lids so as to ensure complete safety against adulteration.
The plastic pails are available as straight walled and tapered wall in industrial and food grade quality.
Numerous optional accessories, such as paint roller screens, tinting plugs and recessed lids – for example, to accommodate a sponge – make your product even more attractive for the consumer.
Promotion covers increase the success of sales campaigns.