For Sale - PR - 1825 - Plastic Surface Material for Building Interiors, K


Reference Number

PR - 1825


Plastic Surface Material for Building Interiors, K



Product Details

An Endless Range of Colour: Your choice of colour is extensive with more than 250 colours contained within our range

No Joints: A seamless joint together with its ability to integrate different types of mould allows our solid surfaces to create the impression that large area surface and wall covering are one piece.

Aseptic: The surface material is totally aseptic and coupled with it's non-porous joints is the ideal substrate to use for sanitary installations and food contact applications.

Tough & Durable: Easy to clean, our solid surface is resistant to boiling water, accidental burns and a wide range of domestic and industrial chemical agents, exceptions to this are high concentration of sulphuric acid and methyl chloride.

Range: Our Surface materials are available in 3 different finishes: plain colour,small granite and large granite.

Easy To Work: The surface materials are easy to manipulate using conventional woodworking tools. Highly versatile we can obtain any shape and its perfect finish renders it a suitable material for an endless range of applications.

No Limits: The materials are compact high performance solid surface materials, a combination of natural minerals and quality polymers which, coupled with your own creativity, can offer limitless possibilities.