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PR - 1783


Plastic Tarpaulins



Product Details

With the great advantage of light weight, heavy tensile strength, excellent water-proof and exceptional low-cost, Plastic Tarpaulins is widely used in areas like agriculture, construction, leisure and protection purpose.

- Made out of high tenacity polyethylene tapes, woven into fabric and laminated on both sides.
- Reinforced with strong pr ropes on all sides.
- Uses special aluminum / plastic eyelets at intervals of 3 feet.
- Uses 6 feet width of panels.
- Contains U.V. stabilizers on tapes & lamination to ensure longer life.
- Packed in polybag with a label inserted.

- Less Expensive
- Lightweight
- Cleaner and more hygienic
- Water Proof, Rot Proof, Dust-Proof
- Chemical Resistant
- Washable
- Easy Folding and Storage

- Available in range of colours.
- Available in 90 GSM/125 GSM/150 GSM/200 GSM
- Also available sandwiched tarps with two layers of PE-woven fabric and three layers of LDPE Lamination for special application in 250 GSM and 400 GSM.
- Also available - Flame retardant Plastic Tarpaulins
- Plastic Tarpaulins are also made to customers requirement & specification.

- Refugee Camps
- Truck covers
- Boat covers
- Utility covers
- Canal lining
- Irrigation dam
- Wind break
- Fumigation covers
- Crate covers
- Green house and industrial sheds plus hundreds of uses.