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PR - 2149


Plastic Tubes



Product Details

Vora Packaging is world class plastic tube manufacturer.

We have setup a state of the art plastic tube manufacturing plant with European technology and equipment.

Vora Packaging employs the world's best high speed Breyer-Germany extrusion lines to manufacture the exacting demands of your tubes for a range of diameters from 19 mm upto 50 mm and lengths from 50 mm upto 200 mm. Vora can provide any tube blends of polyethylene:- high density, low density, linear low density and polypropylene to suit your needs. Finishes include transparent and translucent clarity, brilliant pearlized and metallic looks and coloured tubes and caps to match any pantone shade.

Vora Packaging has setup a computerized, high speed, six colour offset printing machine to give shape to customer's designs for decorative and aesthetic packaging. Decoration include the sleek metallic colours, sophisticated half tones screens and photo images with over print lacquering to give brilliant glossy finish or frosted matt look, unique to plastic tubes. Vora has also setup an advanced silk screen printing machine in upto four colours to provide high quality visual effects.

Foil blocking:
Vora has facility to foil block your tubes and caps in gold, silver and pigmented colour to give premium value to your tubes.

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