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PR - 2426


Plastic Tubes



Product Details

Plastic tubes are seamless tubes that are used in the packaging of high-end, low-volume products in a range of businesses. They offer enhanced shelf life for the packaged goods and create a unique product identity.

We through its constant innovation has successfully been manufacturing plastic tubes and delivering them to new and emerging sectors. The Company acquired Arista Tubes, a leading manufacturer of plastic tubes in the United Kingdom, to put in use their comprehensive knowledge of plastic tubes.

Extruded tubes offer an attractive and durable packaging solution for a variety of product lines. From custom colored materials to high end decoration techniques wel offers solutions to have a tube option to fit the need of your brand / product.

Structures offered
a) Monolayer material options include:
- MDPE and

b) Multilayer options include:
- Co-extruded 2 layer sleeve
- Co-extruded 5 layer LLDPE sleeve with mono layer shoulder
- Co-extruded 5 layer HDPE sleeve with mono layer shoulder

- Up to 8 colors offset (line & text, vignettes and illustrations)
- Metallic & Pearlescent inks
- Up to 6 colors silkscreen
- Hot stamping
- Labeling (including full wrap, front & back label sets, and patch labels), and also multi layer and tactile labels

Extruded tubes are manufactured, printed and capped in-line. Special decorations such as silk screen printing, foil blocking, and labeling are secondary processes.

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