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Plastic Cosmetic Tubes



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We are focusing on the plastic cosmetic, skin care, essential oil packaging solutions to global markets.

We bring a unique 24-hour on line services to our oversea customers base including innovation & design, global sourcing, HQTS quality assurance, inventory control, logistics management, etc.

Our mission is offering a wide variety of plastic bottles and jars, travel set vials, perfume diffuser bottles, skin care containers & cosmetic tubes and make up beauty and closures, etc.

These products are offered through stocking as well as customized order programs.

Plastic cosmetic tube:-

1) MOQ: 10000pcs
Volume: 100,120,150,180,200,220,240ml
Usage: cosmetic packaging
Pipe diameter: 45 mm
Material:- Plastic

2) MOQ: 10000pcs
Volume: 120,150,180,200,220,240,250,300ml
Usage: cosmetic packaging
Pipe diameter: 50 mm
Material:- Plastic

3) MOQ: 10000pcs
Volume: 220,240,250,300,350,400ml
Usage: cosmetic packaging
Pipe diameter: 55,60mm
Material:- Plastic

1 .Plastic tube is resistant to water at room temperature
2. Plastic tube is resistant to most types of dilute acids.
3. Generally speaking, a plastic tube is resistant to alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, and esters.
4. The affection of halogen at room temperature is very slight.
5. At room temperature, it will have a certain degree of expansion during exposure to aromatic hydrocarbons, aliphatic hydrocarbons, and halogen hydrocarbons.
6. Plastic tube will slightly absorbs oil, so mineral oil and essential oil will be volatilized by polyethylene.
7. Plastic tube would crack under the influence of stress cracking agents, such as detergents, soaps, oils, fats, alkali metal hydroxides..etc.
8. Weather resistance: Under the action of ultraviolet light and high energy radiation, it will degrade in the air, discoloration, surface cracking or even embrittlement, which result in loss of strength or value of use.
So in order to avoid above issue, weather resistant formula, ie adding UV absorber, light shielding agent, Or a light quencher..etc should be adopted. b), barrier: the excellent barrier to water vapor transmission, higher the density, stronger the barrier properties.
9. Hygenic performance: in accordance with food hygiene standards, non-toxic, tasteless, direct contact with cosmetics, foods, and medicines.
10. Molding properties: extrudability; easy heat sealing; good thermal stability, good fluidity, and excellent molding properties (can be used in any common plastic molding process).