For Sale - PR - 1154 - Plasticized Pvc hose with spiral reinforcement


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PR - 1154


Plasticized Pvc hose with spiral reinforcement
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Product Details

Colour: transparent with red spiral.

Temperature range: - 10°C + 60°C, + 14 F ÷ + 140 F.


Plasticized Pvc hose with incorporated spiral reinforcement
of anti-shock rigid Pvc. Inside surface smooth, light
corrugation outside. Very strong and flexible.

Resistant to crushing, abrasion, atmospherical agents and
most chemicals. Weather resistant.


Suction and delivery of dregs, wines, liqueurs up to 25%
alcohol contents, alimentary liquids, etc.

Meets the european directive 90/128/CEE class A, B and C.
Can be manufactured antistatic and cold resistant
upon request.

Ø: 20 - 200 mm (1" - 8" inch)