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PR - 2117


Plumbing Pipes



Product Details

UPVC Plumb pipes conform to ASTM-D 1785 specifications, manufactured in state-of-the-art plant with latest manufacturing technology under strict quality control.

Our UPVC Plumb pipes are best preferred to provide water connection for bathrooms, kitchens, sinks and laboratories, buildings. Water distribution, transportation of chemicals and gases in industries, transportation of milk in dairies, etc.

Our UPVC Plumb pipes have been preferred over other available resources due to varied salient features:
- Strong and durable: Our U-PVC plumb pipes are strong and breakage free.

- Better flow characteristic: Have smooth internal surface. Also, these pipes are rust proof, corrosion free and do not allow any deposit formation which implies better flow.

- Convenient joining: Have high precision trapezoidal threads which ensure easy joining.

- Resistant to:
a. Corrosion and rusting
b. Chemical formation
c. Scale formation
d. Biological formation

- Safe: Are fire resistant and have good electric insulation.

- Energy saving: Have smooth internal surface which implies low frictional loss. Hence power consumption is on lower side.

- Cost saving: Are economical

- Long lasting and maintenance free: Are free from breakage and environmental stress, which make it a lifetime investment.

- Economical: Are very economical as reasonably priced, long lasting and maintenance free.

Product range: Sizes 1/2" to 4" in schedule 40 mm, 80 mm.

1) Domestic:
- To provide water connections for bathrooms, kitchen, sinks and laboratories.
- Water supply and distribution in complexes, houses, flats, offices, hotels, hospitals and public places
- Water distribution in villages and colonies through tube wells and over head tanks
- For hand pumps

2) Industrial:
- Transport of chemicals and gases in industries.
- Transport of milk in dairies.