For Sale - PR - 2086 - Poly Tuff Clinking / Cutting Boards


Reference Number

PR - 2086


Poly Tuff Clinking / Cutting Boards



Product Details

For the first time in India our company offers Poly Tuff clinking / cutting board which are guaranteed to be free from pin & blow holes.

Suitable for cutting leather, artificial leather clother, cellular leather cloth, imitation leather, rubber, foam rubber, textiles, fabrics synthetics, plastics, foils, felt, carpets, paper, cardboard, hardboard, asbestos, fiberboard, and various other materials.

For use with all conventional die cutting machines, such as swing arm cutting presses, automatic die cutters, beam cutting presses, crosshead die cutting machines, sandwich roller presses, large area cutting presses, and with all conventional tools, knives, and dies.

Special features:
Poly Tuff offers optimum impact strength, no chipping or crumbling also ensure perfect and clean cutting work and long service life of the cutting boards. Wear of cutting tools is reduced to a minimum. The high plane-parallelism and absolute dimensional stability permit alternate cutting onto either side or easy cement bonding. Surfaces of boards worn after a certain time of cutting can be planned and then used again down to a few millimeters of their original thickness. This can be done many times and increases the life of the boards considerably. Poly Tuff will increase the life of blade / die.

At choice: Both surface planed for alternate cutting onto either side or roughened on the back ready of easy and tight cement bonding.

All size within 1000 x 3000 mm in thicknesses from 10mm to 70 mm.

Standard sizes:
- 900x450mm to 1000x500mm
- 900x550mm to 2000x1000mm
- 900x550mm to 3000x1000mm