For Sale - PR - 1830 - Polyethylene Multilayer Film


Reference Number

PR - 1830


Polyethylene Multilayer Film



Product Details

We make polyethylene film.
Two layered film - Film comprises of layer 1 and layer 2 only.
Three layered film - Layer 1 and 2 along with 3 or 4 forms three layered film.
Four layered film - This film consists of four layers with an option of replacing the 4th layer plastic sheet with aluminum foil or foam.
Customised - As we are packaging solution providers, we are fully equipped to design the product as per customer requirements.

Product Properties
- Water absorption: 0.02 percentages after 24 hrs.
- Chemical resistance: Excellent
- Thermal conductivity: 0.025 kcal.
- Service Temperature: - 40 to 66 degree Celsius
- Transparency: 90 percentages
- Fungi resistance: Yes
- Tensile elongation: More than171 percentages at break
- Bursting Strength: More than 250 kg/cm3
- Puncture resistance: 60 lbs per sq. inch
- Linear shrinkage: Very low
- Water vapour: 0.025 kg/cm2
- Transmission: (after 24 hrs)

- Small pockets of entrapped air gives good 'R' value with excellent shock absorption
- Moisture resistant, fungi and corrosive chemicals
- Enhances product's appearance and product life.
- Lamination compatibility with aluminum foil, paper, foam, paperboards etc.
- Recyclable and therefore eco-friendly
- Excellent resilient properties.