For Sale - PR - 2062 - Polymer Spur Gears


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PR - 2062


Polymer Spur Gears



Product Details

We are the pioneer in the manufacturing of polymer gears in India.

Polymer gear is a unique concept of big diameter gears, it is ideally suitable for dryers in paper mills, leather tanning drums in tanneries etc.

Hundreds of our gears are working in various paper mills all over India.

Our company now announces the launch of single piece spur gear for dryers.

We are the only manufacturer in India providing both segmented gears and single piece spur gear for dryers.

Advantages of polymer gear over CI:
- Elimination of noise pollution. Polymer gear brings down the noise levels considerably.
- Polymer gears are self lubricating. Hence maintenance is decreased because of lower lubrication needs. Improve shop floor cleanliness.
- Polymer gears have more life compared to CI gears as wear resistance of polymer is much better than that of CI.
- Polymer gears require less power as coefficient of dynamic friction of polymers is much lower than that of CI.

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