For Sale - PR - 1108 - Polyurethane Tubings in Straight & Coil Form


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PR - 1108


Polyurethane Tubings in Straight & Coil Form

Product Details

Salient Features of Polyurethane Tubings

1. Lightness - 9 times lighter than copper tubings.

2. Rubber like flexibility over a wide range of temperature and hence radii of curvature can be very small withour flattening which causes loss of pressure.

3. Resistance of all types of weathering.

4. Excellent resistance to oils, grease, aliphatic hydrocarbons, oxygen and ozone.

5. Good resilience which allows repeated mounting on to the connecting pieces. (cutting off is not required)

6. High cutting strength.

7. Folding stability.

8. Resistance to flex cracking.

9. Multicolor for easy identification.

10. Non-toxic


1. Pressure hydraulic and air machines.

2. Paint Machines.

3. Printing Machines.

4. Packaging Machines.

5. Medical Appliances.

6. Analytical Apparatus.

7. Food Machines.

8. Compressed air lines on Pneumetic Control Systems.

9. Air lines on textile machinery.