For Sale - PR - 2041 - Pouches for Edible Oil, Ghee and Pickles in Oil


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PR - 2041


Pouches for Edible Oil, Ghee and Pickles in Oil



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Pouches for Edible oil:
For this segment, we have developed a laminate pouch which has oil based film on the inside (contact layer) and printed polyester on the outside. We successfully established this laminate in 3 side sealed pouches (for 500 ml & 1000 ml) as well as in printed roll stock (50 ml, 100 ml & 200 ml) to be used on FFS systems. The shelf life of the edible oil was enhanced and the aesthetic appeal of the print remained intact thus giving mileage to the product.

Pouches for Ghee (butter oil):
For this industry we have developed a laminate which retains the taste and aroma of the ghee and also give a shelf life of at least 6 to 9 months. After adequate tests, we designed a triple layer standup pouch which we offered to this industry. Due to its instant success, our standup pouches and laminates have become a well established packaging norm among pure ghee manufacturers. For small sachets (5 ml, 10 ml & 20 ml), we developed a printed double layer laminate in roll form to be used on FFS systems. Double layer laminates using white opaque PE film is also used by this segment.

Pouches for Pickles in oil/ dry pickles:
No meal in India is complete without pickles. Pickles are made in all states of India but the major portion and varieties are made in the western and southern states of India. Pickles are also perhaps the largest cottage/ home industry in India. Almost all pickles have oil as their base and the important aspect while packaging this product was shelf life, aroma retention, freshness of taste and leak free pouches. We are the pioneers in developing the laminate/ pouches for this segment and we have a very good market share in this segment.

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