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PR - 2038


PP ISBM Wide Mouth Jars and Bottles



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PET is a wonderful material with numerous advantages like transparent, unbreakable, lightweight and recyclable. Despite this, many applications are still made of glass, metal and paperboard. Thus arose the need to develop a container with the attributes of PET, but at a lower cost. Polypropylene (PP) is the answer to the industry's prayers.

Manjushree is the pioneer of PP ISBM technology in India. We produce Jars and Bottles of upto 1.5 liters. Clarified PP offers a balance of clarity, impact strength and cost.

Characteristics of Polypropylene Jars and Bottles
- It is less dense, hence lighter. (PP is 0.90 compared to PET's 1.33)
- PP is cheaper than PET.
- PP can be hot-filled up to 120 Degree C
- Very good moisture barrier
- Better moisture barrier properties
- Better rigidity and hot fillable

Ideal for:
- Food Supplements
- Health Drink Powder
- Drinking Water Storage & Dispensing

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