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PR - 477


PP Sheets



Product Details

Polypropylene Sheets

Polypropylene Homopolymer is a crystalline polymer noted for excellent chemical resistance. It is used extensively in chemical processing, chemical storage, metal finishing, and metal industry. Its application includes plating and anodising process equipment chemical storage tanks and valve bodies, flanges, orthotic and prosthetic devices.


* High strength to weight ratio

* Excellent chemical resistance

* Excellent thermoforming properties

* Corrosion resistant

Product Range

Compressed Sheets

1230 x 4300 x 10-70 mm

1230 x 4000 x 50-100 mm

Extruded Sheets

1250 x 2000 x 320 mm

Extruded Rods

10-200 mm dia x 1 mtr. length

Other sizes available on demand

Property ASTM Test Method Unit PPSheets
Melt flow index (230ºC/2.16kg) D1238 g/10min 1.8
Tensile Strength at yield

(50 mm/min)
D638 MPa 27
Elongation at yield

(50 mm/min)
D638 % 13
Flexural Modulus

(1% secant)
D790A MPa 1000
Notched izod impact

strength (23ºC)
D256 j/m 120
Heat deflection

D648 ºC 78