For Sale - PR - 1802 - Precision Micro Gears and Gearboxes


Reference Number

PR - 1802


Precision Micro Gears and Gearboxes



Product Details

We use high-tech processes for moulding plastic gear wheels, producing components from a broad range of various materials and assembling small gearboxes and other complete units.

Injection Moulding - All technical thermoplastics (except PVC) can be processed with part weights ranging from 0.02 to 1000 grams.

Gear Tpes produced
- Spur gears
- Toothed belt gears
- Worms and worm gears
- Bevel gears
- Skew-axis gears
- Ring gears
- Planetary gears
- Sprocket wheels

Assemblies and Gear Boxes - Plastic metal combinations, ultrasonic welding, gluing, greasing etc.

Plastic Metal Combinations - Expert processing of all thermoplastic materials is based upon many years of experience.

High Temperature Range - Perfected processing techniques provide our customer with the guaranteed reliability they expect from high temperature products made from PEEK polymers.