For Sale - PR - 1602 - Prelubricated Polyethylene Pipe (PLB HDPE Pipe)


Reference Number

PR - 1602


Prelubricated Polyethylene Pipe (PLB HDPE Pipe)



Product Details

We are one of the leading manufacturer of HDPE pipe and prelubricated polyethylene pipe (PLB HDPE Pipe).

Our HDPE PLB Pipe are certified by leading Corporations and Government agencies

Prelubricated polyethylene pipe (PLB HDPE Pipe) - Suitable in the field of communication for laying underground Optical Fiber Cable network system.

Polyethylene Pipe (HDPE Pipe) is suitable for agricultural irrigation purposes, drip irrigation, also useful as suction and delivery pipe in mono block pump set, as column pipe in submersible pump set. Also being used as column pipe in wells, lakes & dams for irrigation.