For Sale - PR - 1752 - Printed Carrier Bags Reinforced Patch or Punched H


Reference Number

PR - 1752


Printed Carrier Bags Reinforced Patch or Punched H


Eastern Europe

Product Details

The economical, traditional polyethylene bag with reinforced patch handle or without reinforcement. Convenient carrier for smaller parcels, bottles, loose materials, footwear, clothing with up-to-date graphic equipment and modern technologies your brand name, logo, picture and message are transferred onto the bag and within moments your bag is circulating the streets. With the minimum of costs the advertising effect is interlaced with the multitude of your potential buyers.

Design features:
Substrates: LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE and their blends.
Print: flexographic print in up to six colours, two sides, photographic or line design, gloss or matt inks.
Features: spot varnish, bottom gussets.