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PR - 2209


Produce Bags and Films



Product Details

All processors want to extend the shelf life of fresh-cut produce, and packaging plays an important role in this process. By custom tailoring resin compositions to the individual processors requirements, and providing pinhole-free co-extrusions and laminates, our films achieve maximum shelf life results.

A film possessing desirable qualities must also enhance productivity. We design different films for resistive and impulse sealing systems to accommodate many types of packaging equipment. This helps processors achieve optimal line speeds and produce leak-proof packages.

Industry Commitment:
Our company does more than just supply film to fresh-cut produce processors. As a member of the IFPA (International Fresh-cut Produce Association) since 1990, we support the future growth and success of the industry. We exhibit at trade shows, serve on committees and speak at association functions. Attending industry seminars and educational classes offered by packaging machinery manufacturers, keeps our representatives well informed and focused on the future of fresh-cut.

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