For Sale - PR - 382 - Profiles for Door, Frame, Window, Furniture, Inter


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PR - 382


Profiles for Door, Frame, Window, Furniture, Inter


Eastern India

Product Details

Our Sections are extruded from latest Indian and imported machines with specialised die from high impact UV stabilised PVC compound as per Govt. approved specification.


* Solution to all problems of water, weather, borer, termite, fire as these are 100% water & weather-proof, borer & termite-proof, non-inflammable and fire retardant.

* No splitting, cracking, warping or rotting.

* No painting or varnishing required, can be easily painted if so desired.

* 100% maintenance free, energy saver, heat & sound insulated, resulting in saving of regular maintenance & electricity expenses.

* Ease in fabrication & installation by conventional carpenters and hardware. Hence saving of time and labour.

* High aesthetic appeal & reusablity.

* Light weight.

* Any size- any design - any site as per your requirement & desire.

* Economical & Competitive in comparison to wood, particle board, plywood & alluminium etc.

* Available in wide range of self beautiful colours & designs in glossy and matt finish, in various thicknesses, patterns & combinations.

* Approved by CPWD,PWD,MES, Railways & other Govt., Public & Private organisations.