For Sale - PR - 1784 - PUF Insulated Ice Boxes


Reference Number

PR - 1784


PUF Insulated Ice Boxes



Product Details

Our Ice boxes are result of thorough research and development for high quality products. A revolutionary product which is scientifically designed for better hygiene and performance. A perfect solution for all the problems of the conventional GL, Aluminum and Tin Boxes, which tend to rust and cause serious health hazards.

Unique Advantages
- PUF as insulation material
- 100% hygienic
- Light weight
- Maintenance - free
- Portable
- Ultimate replacement for GI, Tin and Aluminum containers.
- Leak-proof, rust - proof
- Strong and durable
- Keep the things stored in hot / cold condition for longer period

Ideal for preservation and storage of
- Ice Candies and Ice Creams
- Mineral Water pouches
- Cool Drinks
- Pans in Pan-Shops
- Butter, Cheese and other dairy products
- Fish, Meat and Other Items