For Sale - PR - 1858 - PVC Extra Flexible Suction Hose, Oil Hose


Reference Number

PR - 1858


PVC Extra Flexible Suction Hose, Oil Hose



Product Details

PVC Extra Flexible Suction Hose
- General pumping and discharge applications requiring a greater flexibility than standard hose
- Suction of saline water, dung cart, light acids, sewage, alkaline and other chemicals excepting solvents
- Suitable for use with vacuum tankers handling slurry and cold stores/outdoor application.

PVC Oil Hose
- Ideal for suction and discharge of oils.
- Petrochemicals industrial complexes.
Application in load and products derived from oil and great variety of chemical products such as Diesel fuels, Kerosene, Liquid Petroleum products, Lubricating oils, Mineral Oils, Light Oils, Transformer Oils etc.

PVC Flexible Food Grade Hose
- Suction and discharge of milk, beverage, alcohol etc.
- Transporting of fishes, clay types food material.