For Sale - PR - 1860 - PVC Nylon Braided Hose


Reference Number

PR - 1860


PVC Nylon Braided Hose



Product Details

PVC Nylon Braided Garden Water Hose
- Gardening, Cleaning, Cattle shed and other domestic use.
- Water supply and other portable use.

PVC Nylon Braided Welding Hose
- Gas welding and Oxygen Supply
- Other industrial purpose

PVC Nylon Braided Car Washing Hose
- Car washing & Automobile service centre.
- Other specific use where high pressure is applicable.

PVC, Nylon Braided Spray Hose
- High pressure water, chemical and light acid spray
- Other specific use where high pressure is applicable

PVC Nylon Braided Sanitary Hose
- Bathroom fitting for hot & cold water
- Sanitary connection pipe.