For Sale - PR - 1888 - PVC Plumbling Pipes


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PR - 1888


PVC Plumbling Pipes



Product Details

Vectus manufactures the largest of Pipes & Fittings, for diverse applications in housing, industrial, commercial etc.
The range of products that we offer is as follows:

Selfit uPVC Pipes as per IS 4985: 2000

UV Stabilized SWR Sanitation Systems as per IS 13592

Threaded and Plain ASTM Pipes and Fittings for domestic plumbing application

Widest range of UV Stabilized and Sanitized PPR-C pipes and fittings.

The strength of Vectus lies in its quality products and satisfied customers. Vectus over the years has built one of the largest distribution networks in the country,

For More Details Contact:
Mr. Ashish Baheti
Vectus Industries Ltd.
Tel: 91 120 3206869,