For Sale - PR - 1676 - PVC Shrink Sleeves, Labels and Cap Seals


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PR - 1676


PVC Shrink Sleeves, Labels and Cap Seals



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We manufacture PVC, OPS, PET shrink sleeves and labels in different variants including normal, high shrink, low temperature, matte, colored, metallic and UV films, from 30 micron to 80 microns, different type of sleeves including normal sleeves, narrow sleeves (13mm), twin sleeves for promotions, profile sleeves for full body sleeving and preform for cap sleeving

Shrink sleeve is the latest concept in labeling technology used worldwide - The design is printed on the reverse side of the shrink film, and the sleeve is made by pasting the edges of the film. The sleeve is then slipped over the container either manually or through auto-applicator. The container with the sleeve is then passed through the hot air tunnel The sleeve shrinks due to the heat and takes the shape of the container.
Shrink sleeves add visually appealing 360º graphics and reinforce your brand identity on the over-the-counter products.
From neck-bands to full-body container sleeves, there's no more secure option. Shrink sleeves offer a barrier to unwanted entry, maintain product integrity, quality and protection. Guarantee safety through the security of tamper-evident packaging.

Half Body Labels - Elegant labels giving 360° print surface, economical and unique in appeal.

Full Body Labels - Revolutionary easy application full body labels, giving your product Brand Appeal and a distinct shelf appearance, reverse multicolor printing renders the container scratch and dust resistant.

Tamper Evident Cap Seal - These are used on the cap or the top of the container, these sleeves can be plain or printed depending on the requirement of the customer. These sleeves act as tamper evident or pilfer proof labels. A tab and a perforation (vertical, horizontal or slanting) are provided on the sleeve. If the cap is to be opened the perforation has to be torn and hereby giving a clear indication if the container is tampered with

Tamper Evident Body + Cap Sleeves - In this type of sleeve, the cap and the body sleeve form a part of a single sleeve. A horizontal and a vertical perforation re provided on these types of sleeves. The horizontal perforation separates the cap sleeve from the body sleeve. After shrinkage this perforation can be torn off using the tab and the upper portion of the sleeves will be separated from the lower portion or the sleeve

Rip Off Line Shrink Labels - Combine the benefits of shelf appeal and tamper proof packaging by using perforated full body sleeves. Combi Pack

Brand Promotion and advertising combined, giving your product an edge over other products.

- Full / Half Body Sleeve
- Heat shrink Packaging Sleeve
- Tamper-proof cap Seal
- Shrink sleeve with rip off line
- Promotional combi-pack sleeve
- Auto closed shrink sleeve

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