For Sale - PR - 1781 - Reseal Liners


Reference Number

PR - 1781


Reseal Liners



Product Details

Board ( duplex - food grade pulp) both waxed or laminated, EPE and EPE foam (XLPE) are provided in punched form as per the required caps specification of diameter and thickness. The liner is fitted into the cap and it acts as a secondary seal. The primary seal once broken exposes the product, so these reseal liners provide assured air tightness and protect the product for as many times as used.

We also make following seals
- Induction Sealing Liners
- Integral Safety Seal Liners
- Aluminum Foil Seals
- EPE / EPE Foam (XLPE)
- Product / pack compatible and customer specified speciality liners
Exclusively for PET / LDPE / HDPE / PP / HIPS / PVC / and Glass Containers, Cups, Jars and Tubs.