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PR - 1969


Retro Reflective Films



Product Details

We are specialized in the manufacturing and exporting reflective films (Microprism & Glass beads Materials) such as reflective PVC roll, sheet, tape & reflective glass beads fabric & relative safety products. It can be widely used in safely fields and fashion accessories (clothes, shoes, bags and etc.).

Reflective sheets are classified into common, high brightness, wide angle ultra high brightness and PVC hive reflective sheet.

Microprism type:
It consists of thousands of micro prism.
- High reflectivity at narrow angle in night time.
- High conspicuous color at day time.
- Various kind of applications.
a. Not only safety field, but also fashion accessories.
(clothes, shoes, bags and etc).
- Maintenance of reflectivity under rainfall.

Glass bead type:
- Enclosed-lens type sheet is widely used for outdoor signboards, vehicle safety marks, building number plate and all kinds of stickers.
- Encapsulated-lens type product with fine glass balls exposed into the air formed in the sheet has more than three times of reflectivity and durability than conventional reflection sheets.

- High reflective sheet
- Traffic safety
- Personal safety
- Road safety
- Vehicle safety