Required - PR - 1592 - Shake and Pour Bottle for Syrup


Reference Numbers

PR - 1592


Shake and Pour Bottle for Syrup


Western India

Product Details

We are looking for suppliers in western India. Plastic bottle will be in direct contact with food, hence processing of the bottles has to be extremely hygienic. This product is intended for European market, hence very high quality manufacturing.

Some of the requirements are;

1) Good GMP practices
2) ISO certified
3) Glass policy in place
4) Minimum 30 point parison controller
5) 1 liter Double Station Machine (CMP will do )
6) Leak testing machine
7) Controlled environment for molding
8) Blow air should be oil free and moisture free (compressors should have such filters)
9) Should be ready to do manual labeling on front and back panels

We will pay and make the moulds
- Two 725 ml capacity blow mould
- One 4-cavity cap mould

Annual requirement is 500,000 pieces.
Quantity can go up as we intend to export to an increasing number of coutries in Europe