For Sale - PR - 1849 - Shrink Sleeve Label


Reference Number

PR - 1849


Shrink Sleeve Label



Product Details

The design is printed on the reverse side of the shrink film, and the sleeve is made by pasting the edges of the film. The sleeve is then slipped over the container either manually or through auto-applicator. The container with the sleeve is then passed through the hot air tunnel. The sleeve shrinks due to the heat and takes the shape of the container

Full/Half body sleeves
- Complete 3600 wrapping
- Water and scratch proof quality
- All-round printing convenience
- Attractive, colorful printing of visuals

Heat shrink Packing Sleeve
- Firmly keeps the cap fixed on the primary container
- Prevents unauthorized opening of the container
- Safeguards the product from tampering and also dust

Tamper-proof cap Seal
- Provides the advantage of additional sealing
- Keeps the product dust and humidity free
- Gives additional printing space for product message

Shrink sleeve with rip off line
- Single sleeve gives the advantage of label and the protection seal
- Rip-off line provides ease in opening the container
- Prevents the mouth cap being

Promotional Combi-pack sleeve
- Can seal multiple products together for product campaigns
- Easy packaging of multi-packs
- Extra printing space for promotion without disturbing main label

Auto closed shrink sleeve
- Ideal for liquid products as can avoid soiling of other products in the master packing
- Completely sealed packing to make the product totally dust and humidity-free
- Avoids spoilage of other products in case of breakage

Unlimited advantages…
- All-round or 360 degree printing, which gives better exposure to brand name, product details and visuals
- Reverse printing, which is scratch and abrasion resistant and waterproof, hence, it gives a longer shelf life and presentation value
- Printing of up to 9 colours by Roto Gravure process and also of gold and silver colours, which makes the multicolour label more attractive
- Printing of small letters up to 5 points, and also the Bar Codes
- Label-cum-pilfer-proof seal in a single application, saving cost and production time
- Easy application ensuring faster, cleaner and better manufacturing operations
- Applications on PP, HDPE, LDPE, PVC, PET, HIPS, Glass, Board and Tin containers of any shapes and sizes.