For Sale - PR - 1797 - Single Ply Silicone Coated Fiberglass Hose


Reference Number

PR - 1797


Single Ply Silicone Coated Fiberglass Hose



Product Details

We are manufacturer of silicone coated fiberglass hose.

These highly flexible hose are designed for low/medium pressure and high temperature air handling, air distribution and fume extraction, where extreme of temperature are involved.

These hose are available in Single ply and Double ply, in different diameter range from 25 mm to 800 mm.

This extreme light weight, high flexible hose made up of high tensile plated spring steel wire helix, covered with a single layer of silicone coated fiberglass material and reinforced with a continuous filament glass fibre cord on the exterior.

- High temperature resistance -60 to 310 degree Celsius continuously (Special version available upto 1100 degree Celsius)
- Light in weight and easy to handle
- The construction of this ducting makes it axially compressible and highly flexible. It will not kink on sharp bends, there fore ensuring good flow characteristics
- Fair resistance to many oils, grease, solvents and industrial chemicals in the vapor phase at moderate concentration.

Application - Designed for low pressure and high temperature air handling, air distribution and fume extraction where extreme of temperatures are involved.

Aircraft, Brick Kilns, Automotive, Brake Ducting, Heater Hose, Defroster Hose, Dryer Hose, Plastic Industries, Paper Mill, Dry Cleaning, Transmission cooling, Cab Ventilation and other high temperature application.

Diameter Range - 25 mm to 800 mm

Length - Available upto 5 meter