For Sale - PR - 2260 - Stretch Cling Film and Stretch Wrap


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PR - 2260


Stretch Cling Film and Stretch Wrap



Product Details

Economical polyethylene hi-clarity hi-cling stretch film / stretch wrap comes in convenient hand held sizes or oversized machine rolls. Poly hand held film has a super tight wrap that helps reduce separation during transit and increases security. Extruded polyethylene hand held stretch film and poly stretch wrap is available depending on your stretch film need.

Stretch wrap film is the effective way to protect goods on a pallet:
Stretch film protects contents from weather and dust in transport and storage It stabilizes cartons and ensures pallet loads are kept together It is tear resistant and holds pallet loads up to 1000 kg without slipping. All of our hand stretch film dimensions (thickness, width and length) are guaranteed so you always get what you pay for!

Blown Film:
Ideal for stabilizing irregular shaped loads. It is tacky on both sides and also tear and puncture resistant for maximum efficiency in securing pallets. Recommended for general use and in deep freeze storage.

Colored Film or Tinted Film:
Colored films are ideal for identifying pallet contents and providing additional security. Only two wraps guarantee an opaque cover that ensures the contents cannot be seen. Available in 3 colours black, white and blue.

The recommended thickness, measured in microns, depends on the weight of the load as follows:
- Up to 300 kg: 14 micron
- 300 - 500 kg: 17 micron
- 500 - 700 kg: 20 micron
- 700 - 800 kg: 23 micron
- Up to 1000 kg: 35 micron

Standard stretch film comes on a cardboard core which can be applied by hand. However, we recommend using a dispenser for larger applications.

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