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PR - 2640


Stretch Film



Product Details

Stretch film, also called wrapping membrane, PE film, flexible film etc. It is
self - adhesive, transparent, non toxic, environmental protection, moisture -proof, water - proof, dust - proof and anti -corrosion.
It is a single - sided (salivation) or double -sided (blow molding) sticky plastic film which can be stretched and packed goods tightly, the packaging process does not require heating or shrinking which is good for saving energy and reducing the packaging cost.
It is easy to be assembled in transportation and improve the efficiency of logistics.

Product Parameter:
Material: 100% LLDPE
Width: 45 mm ---- 1500 mm
Length: 100 m ---- 9900 m
Thickness: 11 mic ---- 40 mic
Colour: red, black, yellow, green, blue, white, clear for option
Tensile strength: 30*50 mpa
Elongation at break: 300 % - 500 %
Angle tear strength: 120 - 150 N/mm
Tackiness: 3 N/cm