For Sale - PR - 1762 - Synthetic Mats with Random Loop Structure


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PR - 1762


Synthetic Mats with Random Loop Structure



Product Details

We manufacture elegant, synthetic mats, with unique Random Loop Structure (RLS) design, are not only effective but look attractive too.

Elegance: Experience a better, beautiful and reliable way to protect your ambience against dirt & grime. Designed to appeal to your aesthetic senses, our mats sleek carpet-like finis is available in many attractive colors, unlike many conventional mats, which look drab and are absolutely unappealing with their looks. Moreover, its flossy base offers a soft cushioning support to the feel giving relief from foot fatigue.

Efficiency: Our mat's intricate and attractive 'Random Loop Structure' provide a forceful brushing action trapping dirt & dust; fights compaction and springs back to life under heavy foot traffic. Its durable backing prevents skidding while the beveled edges reduce tripping hazards. Moreover, it offers convenience of easy maintenance.

- Reduce load on housekeeping & hence cuts maintenance costs.
- Increases life of flooring surfaces.
- Improves safety.
- Enhances appearance.
- Elegant appearance.
- Elegant & Stylish.
- Easy to maintain.
- All weather proof.
- Odour-free & hygienic.

Application Areas:
- Corporate offices
- Hospitals
- Hotels
- Shopping malls
- Conference Centers & Auditoriums
- Educational Institutions
- Kitchen / Bar / Cafeteria / Restaurants
- ATMs
- Fuel Stations
- Airports
- Elevators
- Multiplexes