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PR - 1691


Synthetic Ropes



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We are one of the largest manufacturers of synthetic ropes in India. We manufacture different types of plastic ropes of Polyethylene (PE), Polypropylene (PP Danline), Nylon multifilament, Polyester, PP multifilament, Kuralon, Sisal and Manila etc.

We make 3 Strand Ropes with sizes ranging from 2mm to 36mm in diameter in standard coils of 110/220/330 Meters, 100/200 yards length and also as per client requirements. The company has a modern testing and quality control laboratory equipped with the latest Tensile Testing, Melt-Flow Index, and Twist testing machines complying with international quality standards.

We are exporting ropes to Sri Lanka, Maldives, Dubai, Yemen, Sultanate of Oman, Qatar, Jordan, United State of America, Iceland, Norway, Sudan, Kenya, Algeria, Tanzania, Eritrea etc.

We make plastic ropes for

* Fisheries / Marine
- Towing
- Fishing
- Mooring
- Dredging
- Chandlers
- Stevedoring
- Winch Ropes
- Anchor Ropes

* Industrial
- Span Ropes
- Traction Ropes
- Oil Exploration
- Hawlage Ropes
- Pantoon Bridges
- Electricity Board
- Construction Companies
- Scientific measuring systems

* Commercial
- Hawsers
- Packaging
- Truck Ropes
- Sugar Factories

* Ropenets and Slings
- Cargonets
- Lifting Slings
- Rope Ladders
- Door Mats
- Sign Ropes
- Sport Ropes
- Guide Ropes
- Signal Ropes

For More Details Contact at:
Mr. Vijaya Bhaskara
Bommidala Filaments Ltd,
Tel: 91-863-2350942, 91-863-358942