For Sale - PR - 1711 - Thermoformed Trays for Food Packaging


Reference Number

PR - 1711


Thermoformed Trays for Food Packaging



Product Details

We produce thermoformed food packaging trays suitable for
- Frozen foods, fresh fruits, vegetables, confectionery, sweet meat, etc.
- Waterproof
- Durable
- Hygienic
- Visibility of contents
- Non toxic and food grade
- Freezing and microwave usable grade
- Preserves freshness
- Eco friendly & recyclable
- Available in HIPS/PVC/PET/PP
- Tailor-made designs
- Disposable

A production capacity of a whopping 3,00.000 trays per day on fully automated machines. We also produce 2 metric tons of HIPS / PP multilayer sheets per day on a sophisticated T-die calendaring line. With all lines fully automated to give a better quality of formation, finish and aesthetics.