For Sale - PR - 1675 - Transparent Bags and Boxes


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PR - 1675


Transparent Bags and Boxes



Product Details

We fabricate most elegant, high quality PVC packaging products, matching the international standards.

Beside many other packaging products, our portfolio includes, packaging bags, boxes and containers made from PVC materials, used by many industries that manufacture and market a variety of garments, gift articles, household items, cosmetics etc. to name a few.

Presenting a product in transparent PVC pack, whether 'Flexible PVC' or 'Rigid PVC' is acquiring a favorable response from the manufactures across the continents.

This is because
- A customer can see the product, as the packaging is transparent
- Colorful printings and attachments of accessories on the PVC packaging, enhances product attractiveness.
- The product gets protection, while being handled, transported, stored
- PVC gives a rich feeling to the product.
- The packaging enhances the image of the product. Gives an added value to the ware.

- Fabricate soft PVC / Rigid PVC packaging
- Print multi - colour texts / designs on the PVC packaging
- Attach various accessories on the PVC packaging. e.g. Buttons, hangers, handles etc.
- Make PVC products in any size, shape
- Deliver in a shortest possible time

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