For Sale - PR - 1803 - Tri and Quad Extrusion Profiles


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PR - 1803


Tri and Quad Extrusion Profiles



Product Details

We produce profiles for a wide range of applications, often with unusual specifications with demanding very strict tolerances and accuracy.

We developed the technique of co-extrusion, whereby various colours and plastics can be combined in a single profile. Examples include combinations of colours, hard and soft material (Hinged Joints) and transparent and opaque material.

Building on the foundation of our experience with co-extrusion, we have also mastered the techniques of tri-extrusion and quad-extrusion.

Our profiles are used in all branches of industry.

We use the following materials or a combination of these materials -
Rigid PVC, Flexible PVC, PS, ABS/ASA, PMMA, PC, PP, PE, TPE, NORYL, PETG, Woodfibre.