For Sale - PR - 1619 - Tubular Foam Netting


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PR - 1619


Tubular Foam Netting



Product Details

We are manufacturer of a exciting new protective packaging material especially suitable for fruits, bottles and other fragile products.

Made from non-cross linked polyethylene foam we offer tubular netting "sleeves" of varying diameters and lengths. The sleeve can be conveniently slipped over a given product, for instant protection.

- Thanks to its PE foam profile, the netting is exceptionally light and tough. So it ensures protection for individual products without adding substantially to overall package / consignment weight.

- Supremely flexible, Fomgard easily wraps around the product in a snug-fit form.

- The nets are also hygienic, non-toxic and odorless. Therefore, it provides ideal primary packaging for fruits, vegetables, bottled beverages and foodstuffs. Fomgard also resists fungi and mould growth.

-The sleeves prevent product-to-product contact during transit : thus eliminating extensive damages, especially in the case of delicate fruits. Further, hygiene of eatables is maintained because these are untouched by hand at any stage in the journey.

- The "netting" facilitates product visibility without necessitating unwrapping. This is especially useful where diverse products are packed and dispatched in the same consignment. The net also allows fruit / foodstuffs to "breathe".

- The foamed nets are heat and moisture resistant. It can effectively withstand temperatures from - 40 to 60 degree Celsius, and is virtually impermeable to water vapour. This makes it ideal for use in deep-freezes and cold storages, or in climatically controlled transportation container.

- While providing cushioning, the soft texture and surface also protects against abrasions and scratches.

-Highly economical, since it can be reused time and again for different products.

- True eco-friendly product. It is manufactured using Butane instead of Ozone depleting CFCs.

- Available in different colors, diameters and sleeve lengths. It can be easily cut and sealed. Customized sizes can be delivered on request.

- Besides fruit and vegetables, the netted sleeves are ideal for sensitive electronic devices, scientific instruments, ceramics, handicrafts, etc.