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PR - 474


UHMW Sheets



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UHMW Sheets

Our UHMW sheets are ideal material for lining silos, bunkers, chutes, truck, rail wagons, ship hold etc. It allows good material flow with minimum caking bulk solids and powder products. Excellent machining properties of the material allows it to be used as replacement for thousands of metal and plastic machinery parts.


* Excellent wear resistance best in plastic

* Very high impact strength, it is unbreakable

* Good chemical resistance

* Low co efficient of friction

* Good machinability

* Low temperature properties

Product Range :

UHMW Compressed Sheets
4000 x 1230 x 10-200 mm

4330 x 1230 x 20-75 mm

5000 x 660 x 20-100 mm

Other size available on demand

UHMW Extruded Sheet

1000 mm width x 2000 mm length x 500 mm thick