For Sale - PR - 446 - uPVC Plumbing Pipe


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PR - 446


uPVC Plumbing Pipe



Product Details

Our UPVC Plumbing Pipes are suitable for water distribution applications, both in residential as well as commercial premises. Ideal for supply of safe drinking water owing to its superiority over conventional material.

We have developed threaded PVC pipes as per ASTM to match Standard GI Pipe threads, as early as 1986.


Threaded Pipes :

Threaded uPVC Pipes as per ASTM 1785. Threads as per IS:1239. Available in 3 types of thickness(Schedule 40, 80 & 120) and in sizes ranging from 1/2" dia to 12" dia. (sizes up to 24" also available on request)

A range of PVC Moulded Fittings is available to suit the pipes. G.I.Fittings can also be used.

Solvent Cement Type Pipes:

Solvent cement type uPVC Pipes as per ASTM 1785. Especially for users comfortable with the superior solvent cement jointing techniques, which reduce jointing time as well as costs. Available in the same range of sizes, pressure and with similar fittings as the Threaded plumbing pipes.

Advantages of uPVC Plumbing Pipes

* Cost effective(2/3) of conventional materials) with ease of handling, installation & replacement.

* Non-rusting & corrosion proof-both internally and externally. No special lining required.

* High resistance to acids, alkalis, salt solutions, alcohol, etc.

* Non-conductive, it can be used underground, underwater, in the presence of metals & as an insulator.

* Non-toxic & odourless, making water safe for drinking, cooking or washing. Also imparts no taste.

* Smooth inner surface ensures low frictional loss & high flow rates lifelong.

* Fire resistant.

* Low thermal conductivity, thus eliminating the need for insulation.


Threaded Jointing: Lesser time consuming than metal pipes up to 30%. Can also be jointed with metal pipes and fittings. No special equipment required. Use of Teflon tape recommended to avoid damage & subsequent leakage.

Solvent Cementing: Mating results in fusion with strength equal to that of the pipe. Solvent cementing results in formation of a joint less single fused pipe line from source to delivery. Our Solvent cement has high viscosity stability, excellent bonding performances, and free from gelation. Thixotropic, it consists substantially of solvents that swell unplasticised PVC resin.