For Sale - PR - 2053 - uPVC Screen and Casing Pipes for Bore Wells


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PR - 2053


uPVC Screen and Casing Pipes for Bore Wells



Product Details

We manufacture uPVC casing pipes for bore / tube wells from 40 mm to 250 mm nominal of CM type and 150 mm to 250 mm nominal diameter of CS type suitable to IS: 12818 in blue color (CS-suitable for wells up to 80m depth. CM-suitable for wells above 80m & up to 250m depth.). Sudhakar casing pipes are normally manufactured in uniform length of 3 meters. Varied lengths can be manufactured according to customer requirements.

Sudhakar Polymers Ltd posses an IS: 12818/1992 Licenses with Bureau of Indian Standards for the following sizes:
- 100 mm to 200 mm of CM type uPVC screen and casing pipes for bore well / tube well.

Features & advantages:
Sudhakar uPVC casing pipes are
- Non-corrosive and have glossy smooth internally and externally.
- High quality and have greater strength with uniform wall thickness.
- High impact strength.
- Light in weight and easy to handle and install.
- Smooth bore, hence excellent flow properties

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