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Viseal Bottle Cap Seals



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Vora Packaging has a tradition of leadership in the field of bottle cap seals.

The introduction of "Viseal" co-extruded polyethylene foam cap seals to the bottle closure industry is a major accomplishment. It is a great technological leap in the field that outshines other liners in all respects. Increasingly, end-users are insisting on "Viseal" cap seals in place of conventional expanded polyethylene cap seals.

Triple layer:
Viseal liners have three layers. The top and bottom closed cell solid polyethylene film acts as barrier layers ensuring smooth surface, thereby preventing product penetration, leakage and absorption.

- Secure physical seal:
Viseal cap seals have the optimum resiliency and expand radically under pressure to compensate for the imperfections in the container lip and the closure to ensure excellent seal ability.

- Positive chemical seal:
For delicate and sensitive products where blocking physical leakage is not enough, Viseal cap seals prevent and/or preclude moisture, vapour, gas, aroma and other characteristics thereby preventing product deterioration and contamination.

- Compatibility:
Viseal Cap seals are chemically inert to most products and they neither affect nor are affected by the container's contents. They are compatible with most acids, solvents, bases and other miscellaneous chemicals. They are manufactured from FDA approved food grade raw materials.

- Ultimate in hygiene:
By virtue of its construction and process of manufacture, cap seals offer an ultimate hygienic product and ensure:
a. No liner dust
b. No contamination and staining
c. No odour
These liners are manufactured under ideal conditions which enhance the hygienic standard of the products.

- No absorption by cap seals:
Viseal Cap seals have an almost 100 percent closed cell construction which ensures there is no product absorption by the liners and eliminates problems commonly associated with pulp board liners.

- International quality and acceptance:
Viseal cap seals are manufactured on the latest imported machinery and technical know-how which incorporates the most recent advances in plastic engineering to constantly yield one of the finest bottle cap seals offered today.

- Orientation:
Viseal cap seals can be used either side up snap fit or adhere with hot melts.

- Application and removable torque:
The construction of Viseal cap seals facilitates closure application and easy consumer removal.

- Applications:
a. Food
b. Cosmetics
c. Pharmaceuticals
d. Liquor
e. Chemicals

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