For Sale - PR - 441 - Well Casing Pipe


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PR - 441


Well Casing Pipe



Product Details

Well Casing pipe

We offer well casings and screens made of uPVC are ideal for applications like bore well/ tube well extraction of water from the water table. While lighter rigs & smaller crews suffice for drilling, they are more flexible than most metallic casings & capable of performing satisfactorily even at depths in excess of 2000 ft.

Product Range

Casing Pipes as per IS:12818 available from 40mm to 400mm are ideal for Upper and Lower Casings. (Casing Medium- for depth up to 250 metres & above; Casing Shallow- for depths 80 metres & lesser)

Screen Pipes(with variable slots-2mm to 4mm) are used in conjunction with Upper & Lower Casing Pipes, Available in lengths - 2 mtrs. & 3 mtrs. or as per request.

Our uPVC Pipes as per ASTM: D1785 are used in bore wells as riser pipes.

Advantages of uPVC Casings, Screen & Riser Pipes

* Economic, costing just 2/3 of conventional pipes.

* Corrosion resistant, the pipes last at least 15 years. Much longer than conventional materials.

* Smooth inner surface discourages bacterial activity.

* Number of joints reduced due to usage of bell type of joints.

* Lightweight(1/5 of steel pipe) with excellent strength-to-weight ratio ensures easier handling, transport, storage & installation, leading to reduction in time and costs.

* Thicker trapezoidal threads, used in sizes above 4", provide better jointing.

* Elimination of white Zinc & Coir threads ( as in conventional pipes) increases longevity by resistance to corrosion, abrasion & rust.

Permanent jointing not reuired, thus permitting re-usage. The tube well system can also be solvent cemented to create monolithic joints. Conventional threaded joints also possible and can be connected to other conventional pipes.