For Sale - PR - 1831 - Window, Door and Construction Seals


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PR - 1831


Window, Door and Construction Seals

Product Details

We have the following sorts of seals on offer:
- Push-in seals,
- Stick seals,
- Self-stick seals,
- Staple fixed seals.

The seals are manufactured with the use of HTV silicone mixes and the following thermoplastic materials:
- Polypropylene (PP) with natural rubber EPDM (i.e.: Santoprene),
- SBS,
- EVA.

These materials have very good physical and mechanical properties.

Operation temperature ranges from -60 to +250 Degree C.

The maximum cross section of seals is 2 500 mm. The available hardness range from 25 ShA to 40 ShD. We have a capability of manufacturing seals in all available colours according to RAL palette.

Cord reinforced profiles: Another group of seals is glass fibre cord reinforced profiles. These seals are applied, above all, in so called dry glazing in aluminum-glass, steel-glass constructions and in all other cases where quality is a basic criterion in choosing the kind of sealing. Cord reinforcement prevents undesired stretching of the seal in the process of installation and a tendency to pop out of the nest after installation, especially in the corners of sealed windows or constructions. The usage rate of silicone sealing in dry glazing is constantly growing, along with the growing quality awareness of the manufacturers.

- Be ahead of your customers' expectations,
- Don't wait until others do something better than you,
- Let the others follow you, don't follow the others,
- Be better than your competitors!

A constant development of technology results in systematic measuring accuracy improvement of shapers, which enables the cross section to become smaller, line mass to decrease, which, in turn favours the use of better materials. We declare cooperation at construction stage in the scope of optimal solutions to problems of impermeability.